:octocat: Code

Light_Hat [Magic Hat]

A top hat somewhat inspired from steampunk (or maybe more ‘steam funk’?) is equipped with a hexagonal array of led lights and regulator knob. The hat is controlled by an embedded computer which can be equipped with a variety of sensors and is able to connect to the internet.

The hat is able to interact with the person who wears it, with the digital space and, with the surrounding environment. It can provide an object for social interactions.

It can display pretty animations, text and play video games (last one is in progress). But maybe it can be used as an object to discuss and approach more serious and critical questions in a fun and easy way.

A couple ideas could be:


Images and videos can be found here:


Examples for Animations

### Untergeschoß der Pandora TBD ### EMF 2024 TBD

Apps and API

An interactive app that allows to show text on the hat deisplay. The app was developed at the EMF 2024.

Used Libraries and Code



ESP32 pinout

I2C - Qwiic

All Qwiic cables have the following color scheme and arrangement:


Experiments with Text: hat-matrix-text